Cascadia Burgee


Sail-In to Everett

Everett, WA
August 23rd - 26th 2018 Sail-In

Mike Millen

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Who's Going?
Updated February 23rd 2018

If you are going but don't see your name here,
send Skip an email and he will fix the oversight.

For any changes in your moorage plans, please contact Skip at the address at the bottom of this page.

Sailing In:

From m/v Wyuka Motoring from Everett:
Mike Millen   Name Tag
Carolyn Millen   Name Tag
From s/v Whiskey Girl Sailing from Sidney BC:
Kevin Crawford   Name Tag
Kate McLean   Name Tag
From s/v Saguaro Sailing from Kingston WA:
Gail Parlatore   Name Tag
Anselm Parlatore   Name Tag
From s/v Destiny Sailing from Everett WA:
Scott Ziegler   Name Tag
Diane Ziegler   Name Tag
From s/v Vixen Sailing from Saanich, BC:
Jim Ming   Name Tag
Marilyn Ming   Name Tag
From s/v Sienne Sailing from Everett, WA:
Jim Parks   Name Tag

Driving In:


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