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Wise and Witty Word Wonderings of Walph
and others

It's the Duty of we Ancient Mariners to be kindly and take all you Youngsters by the hand (in matters of the sea, that is.) Guiding and Mentoring you down the paths of Rigging Righteousness and Seaworthy Semantics. Ever Leading forward out to the Horizon. So that you MAY.... Someday..... become Sage and Salty Seniors.... as we be.

Ever wonder just what he means?

The International Code Of Signals
1892 Edition
  in PDF format 16,350 KB

The International Code Of Signals - PUB. 102
1969 Edition   (Revised 2003)
  in PDF format 2,671 KB

The physics of sailing

Online Nautical Dictionaries

Jim Stein's Nautical Terms

NOAA Tide Glossary


WWI   The War At Sea



Ralph's Really Right Renaming Regimen by Ralph Ahseln

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