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ANY subscriber to our email list is, Automatically, a member.

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The Burgee was designed to be an Identification symbol so other PacNW Email Partners could identify each other when cruising or racing.

  • It is a way of meeting and greeting folks we "talk" to by email.
  • It is a way of recognizing others while sailing or at a moorage.
  • It is a way to tell others that we are part of a fun group.

There is NO Club House or formal location and no Phone number. BUT, we DO have rendezvous and other Social gatherings. Any gatherings of Cascadians automatically become part of the C.S.A.'s social calendar. The C.S.A. is where ever Cascadians gather.

The C.S.A. is purely and simply a bunch of friends... Sailors with and without boats. Those who live here and those who live elsewhere but love the Cascades and the Northern Pacific, welcome, you are one of us.

How did it all come about?

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As the SailNet (and later the Sailjazz) email list became more and more active, friendships developed, there was talk about gathering somewhere to see the faces that went with the emails. A first try happened in the San Juan Islands in late 2003. While only a couple of boats showed up, there was talk of trying to meet again.

Valentines Day 2004: 20 or so members of this email List sailed and/or drove to Port Townsend Washington for dinner and socializing. It was a big success and increased the interest in having more events. Since that first meeting, gatherings, large and small have happened. The Cascadians are truly a "Bunch of Friends".


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For the Port Townsend gathering, as a kind of a joke, Ralph Ahseln created a handmade burgee. It was meant as a symbol of the friendship of the Canadian and American sailors who attended. Some of those attending liked the idea of a flag (burgee) to indicate they were members of Sailnet's Northwest email list. Because of the interest and with the help and input of Pamela Benson, we contacted a commercial flag maker to produce it.

Originally it was thought that only about 20 members would be interested. To our pleasant surprise the Burgee idea had become so popular that 60 had to be ordered. We currently have more than 100 owners of the Burgee! With an Email list subscription of 200, I think we can say the burgee is a huge success. It shows just how much the list members regard each other!

THE DESIGN of the BURGEE (often referred to as "The Flaggy Thingy")

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The Burgee was designed to represent the Membership, their Citizenship and the togetherness we all share.

  • The RED Maple Leaf indicates those of us who are citizens of CANADA.
  • The BLUE Star is for those sailors of the U.S.
  • The compass rose represents our common love of sailing.
  • Two Points of the Compass are in Gold:
    • One bearing to the NORTHWEST for: The Pacific Northwest, ie: Oregon, Washington and Idaho (we welcome those living elsewhere).
    • The Second compass point is bearing to the SOUTHWEST: British Columbia is Southwest Canada.

The Trapezoidal Shape is, well, because it was different. And this group of marvelous people are about as "Different" as a group could be.


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During an email exchange with one of the Canadian members, a suggestion was made to have a name for the group. We wanted a name that indicated our common interest and geographic similarities. CASCADIA was suggested and now is used as an unofficial title for all members.


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Historically, for a brief period of time, The Oregon Territory encompassed the states of Oregon, Washington some of Idaho and most of British Columbia. Those areas are defined by the Cascade Mountain range. It was called... CASCADIA. Since we live in that region, we all can be called Cascadians. We liked the name that tells who we are, where we live and where we sail. It symbolizes our common experiences and our love of the region.
We are Cascadians!


  • It's an email connection,
  • a gathering place for Friends,
  • a place to gain knowledge and experience.
  • These are the folks who are Knowing and Helpful.
  • We don't always agree.
  • But we do give Friendship FREELY

Provinces of CASCADIA (Purely the ramblings of Ralph and others until officially adopted)
Yeah right... we don't do anything official.

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  • British Columbia: L.O.O.N.I.E.
    • List Onlookers and Others - Not In Edmonton
  • Columbia River: M.I.S.T.Y.
    • More Inland and South Than You
  • South Sound: S.A.S.S.I.
    • Some Aggressive South Sound Individuals
  • Central Sound: S.E.A.H.A.W.C.S.
    • Seattle - Everett And Hardly Anywhere Worthwhile in Central Sound
  • North Sound: N.O.R.T.H.
    • No One Really Travels Here
  • Outsiders: W.H.A.T.
    • Who the Hell Are They
  • Other Outsiders: L.A.N.D.L.O.K.
    • Lurkers And Non-residents Doing Lots Of Kibitzing
  • Southern Oregon: S.O.R.A.S.Z.
    • South of Ralph's Assigned Significant Zones
  • East: E.A.S.T.
    • Everyone Adverse to Salt Tides
  • East: F.R.I.N.G.E.
    • Floundering Rather Inland Never Gazing Elsewhere
  • Inland: C.U.R.S.E.D.
    • Confined Underway to Reservoirs and Streams Every Day
  • Inland: L.A.R.C.S.
    • Lake And River Cruising Sailors

"Always Fly your Flaggy Thingy"

Cascadia history courtesy of:
Ralph Ahseln
Gresham OR
"OBLIO" Catalina 27