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Support is needed

Here's how you can help support the Cascadia Sailing Assn. Email list.

The Email group's membership numbers over 100
A contribution of..... $3.00 to 5.00 or more.... will help pay this year's bill and likely go a long way to Next Year's.

Please NOTE: A contribution is NOT required to be a member of the Cascadia group nor is it necessary for the use of the Cascadia Email List. ANY level of support you feel that you are willing... OR.. able to give is wonderful. Thanks. But, please know, You are NOT required to do so..

CANADIAN Members: Please know, U.S. Banks don't often accept personal checks made out to Canadian Banks. International Money Orders are no problem.

** All Payments will be kept confidential, unless Payee requires disclosure. **

Up to..... $ 10.00 ,..... CASH in bills (No Coins),
Simply slip Bills into a folded sheet of paper or small envelope, and place into a Mailing Envelope.
Checks or Money Orders are acceptable but Not necessary because they are costly for such small amounts.
......Mail to: (See Below address)

BANK CHECK (U.S. Only) or MONEY ORDER........Recommended if sending more than $10.00
Make Payment to: Matt Brown
......Mail To: (Below Address)

PAYPAL..... for any Amount... (Paypal is an excellent way for Canadians to send money)
........ Click on "Make Payments" follow instructions.
Paypal is quick and easy. They DO take a small percentage from the account,
but it's worth it because of it's convenience !

Paypal Payment To:       -----@--------.---

Please make out CHECKS and MONEY ORDERS Ralph E. Ahseln

The Mailing,

Matt Brown
City, WA Zip-Code

Warmest Regards,


Above all.....