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I meant to post this to the list a couple of weeks ago. Every year someone wants to know who polishes fuel. When I took my Dad�s boat to CSR in Des Moines to be hauled, I found a brochure on their counter for:

Seventh Wave Marine advertising fuel polishing and tank cleaning. I have no idea if they are any good�just passing info along in case somebody needs it. If you use them, let us know how it went!!     360- 808-0505

Pamela Benson
s/v Spirit of Freedom

Sail & Canvas Cleaning

Clean Sails on Bainbridge to the website. I was VERY happy with the job they did on my cockpit enclosure. It was very stained and dirty�and now it is clean and pretty and re-waterproofed!

Pamela Benson
s/v Spirit of Freedom

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